West View Baptist Church
Thursday, June 04, 2020
Love God, Love People, Serve the Lord

Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry at West View is dedicated to several goals: 
1. Equipping men to lead their families as God directs, by loving their wives as Christ loved the Church and training their children to love and honor God in all that they do. 
2. To effect a consistent Christian witness within the workplace in a manner that provides opportunity share Christ with others. 
3. To equip and grow men in their relationship with Christ strengthening them for the daily challenges we all encounter. 
4. To provide a place of brotherly love, counsel, and accountability to our calling as men in Christ's kingdom and Church. 
5. To equip and provide opportunity for leadership within the Church and community.
Men's Breakfast and Bible Study meets at 7:30 am on the third Saturday of each month in the Fellowship Hall.
Other Annual events include the Men's Christmas Party and Tool Swap, attending the Main Event in Nashville each summer, and various community service projects throughout the year.