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Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Deacon Family Ministry

The Deacon Ministry at West View Baptist is focused on 2 things which we believe are in accord with Acts 6:1-7
First and foremost the Deacon Body promotes and is responsible for unity within the congregation. Any matters of church discipline which cannot be resolved privately between parties are addressed to the Deacons who will seek the best solution for the parties and the church as a whole.
Second, the Deacon Body is the primary internal ministry body within the congregation. Each team (2 Deacons) is responsible for meeting the immediate ministry needs of certain families within the church. This does not mean that they do not minister to other families and individuals but each team does have assignments for which they are responsible. This also does not mean that the Ministerial staff is not involved in family ministry but again the Deacons are the primary point of contact.
West View is literally an extended family and our Deacons can be equated to being the older brothers in that family.